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Batman Slash
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Just thinking ahead ...

This is going to be a slash site for fans of Batman Begins. And if you're still asking why, you obviously haven't scanned that cast list carefully enough.

But for now, it's just the repository of a couple of little quotes I've read and enjoyed. And if anyone can point me to the article where Cillian gushes about how sexy Christian Bale looks in the batsuit, I would be eternally grateful!

Even Murphy cannot suppress the fan's enthusiasm for too long. "It was just a blast," he gushes, citing how Batman is the coolest of all the superheroes, because there are no superpowers involved. "He's just rich. I wish my 10-year-old self could have seen me in the suit, though it was f***ing hot."
Times Online, 23 Nov 03

He [Cillian] tried out for the role of Batman, which eventually was awarded to Christian Bale.

“I never thought I was right for that actual role,” he says. “I mean, they would have had to shoot it all in perspective, with dwarves playing all the villains. Obviously whatever I did made an impression on (director) Christopher Nolan.”
Times Online, 1 Feb 04